Welcome to the About Us for the website, here we hope to maintain a hub for some frequently asked questions. We will update it as releases for the site continue and people reach out to us with inquiries. 

Question: What is Metempsychosis? Is it different from Union?

Great question! Metempsychosis (often abbreviated MPS) is a collection of different narratives that culminate into one grand storyline. The first and most central story is Union, which is the webcomic you are reading. We are excited to share the breadth of the Metempsychosis world and every story contained within it! As for specifics on each story and the world in general, keep checking back and unveiling the story as you see fit. 

Question: Who creates this? Can I follow you?

This webcomic is made by us, Team Slipstream! We are a three-person team of artists that each have unique specialties, interests, and careers paths. However, we all overlap in our intense passion for realizing the world of Metempsychosis. You can follow of us with the link below:
Team Slipstream

Question: Does this story have any merch? Physical prints?

Currently, we do not have any merch or physical prints of the story, this is a later goal of ours. We instead wanted to focus on bringing MPS to you first, with consistent updates and a plethora of content.

Question: What is the release schedule for the webcomic?

We are currently undergoing changes to the release schedule for the comic. Check back intermittently for updates. Thank you for your patience!

If you would like to help us reach a stretch goal for a better release schedule check out our support page so that you can invest in the project if you please and get earlier access to reading the webcomic.

Question: What is this term, country, or other story elements?

Within the narrative, which we would consider a slow and steady burn, there are many answers waiting to be found in the webcomic itself. There are also going to be consistent updates to the site’s Dossier, and also posts from our team twitter here above. We also post lore tidbits, stories, and other juicy information on our Patreon that tie everything together. We urge you to stick around and see what turns up!